Gmail-Enable Your Private Email Address

gmailYou most likely have heard of viruses and malware, but I’ll summarize these terms as ‘digital contact’ as opposed to human contact.  In the real world, humans are exposed to sickness and viruses through contact with others; humans spreading germs through touch for example.  The computer world operates similarly which brings us to number 4 on the 2016 checklist.

The only way your digital device can be given a virus is through digital contact.  Email is one of the easiest ways electronic viruses spread, and transfer can occur by opening an unknown email or clicking an unverified link on the internet.  The simplest way to avoid viruses spreading through email is to let a service like Gmail take care of all the grunt work associated with virus protection.

Even if you have your own website name, you can sign up with Gmail for free and use their application to send and receive email.  Their 24/7 up-to-the-minute virus scanning filters will not let you receive viruses or malware which makes it well worth the free price tag.  You’ll simply be notified that an email was received but quarantined allowing you the choice of whether or not you should open it.

The only ‘gotcha’ for your free service is allowing Gmail computers to scan through your email for anonymous marketing purposes.  Assuming all the legal mumbo jumbo on their website is correct, their marketing scans do not divulge personal information to third party vendors.  I have nothing to hide in email so I say it’s well worth the free price tag.